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Do you still think about Hugh? (Vacantthrone)

Of course I do.
He was a massive part of my life for three years.
We had our ups and downs for sure. But he helped me out so many times.
I can happily say that a part of me will always love him. He helped me through so much. Im not sure that I’d even be here if it wasnt for him.
Yeah I get angry about him at times, but thats natural. He meant so so much to me. He still does mean something to me, because he was always there. No matter what happened, he always came back. He always listened to me, he was always there when I was in absolute pieces and on the verge of ending everything. Ive got a lot to thank him for. And he probably wont ever see this. And id never have the courage to tell him any of this. I know he’s in a relationship and that he’s happy. I wouldnt want to come between that.
I hope one day we can both put the past behind us and become friends again, maybe go to a few gigs together haha. Do things we said that we’d always do together.
So, there’s your answer anon x

"I don’t want to have the world’s attention. Yours is enough."

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